Beak of the Week – Tree Swallow

Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor)
Family: Hirundinidae

A bird must be very adept in flight to be able to catch and eat insects in mid-air, and the Tree Swallow is just that! Tree Swallows are often found flittering high above ponds, marshes, and open fields in search of their next insect meal.

Tree Swallows get their name from their habit of building nests in trees – and they are particularly fond of holes excavated by woodpeckers – but they will also commonly nest in bird houses where those are available. During the winter months, Tree Swallows can be found along the Gulf Coast and in Central America, but they migrate north to almost all of North America for the summer breeding season.

By Aidan Healey, Conservation Technician, Houston Audubon
Photos by Greg Lavaty

Visit our Bird Gallery to learn more about the Tree Swallow and other local birds!

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