CORVID-19 Crossword Puzzle

Raise your hand if you have said or wanted to say CORVID-19 at least once. For some of us bird nerds at Houston Audubon, corvids have been on our minds lately (the corvid family consist of jays, crows, ravens, and magpies). We were also interested to find that there are 19 species of corvid found in the United States. This random tidbit of info led us to create a Corvid-19 crossword puzzle, with fun facts about each species.

This crossword is for you if you:
↪ are stuck at home
↪ are stuck at work
↪ are going insane and want to occupy your kids in a fun and educational way
↪ like birds
↪ don\’t like birds

We understand this crossword may be a challenge, so as a last resort, you can visit the Corvidae section of for help.

Click here to download the crossword puzzle.
You can also save the image below.

I personally plan to assign this to my niece and nephew as a fun competition (using the website as a resource) and give the winner a prize. (I may need to bribe them into becoming birders, but I\’m okay with that.)

Thanks to Anna Vallery for providing the content! #TeamWork

Visit the Education Resources page on our website for more activities you can do at home!

Zineera Seth, Marketing and Events Manager, Houston Audubon

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