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What Folks are Saying about the New Houston Audubon Conservation License Plate

Houston Audubon launched its first-ever conservation license plate sponsored by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in June 2021. Since that time, people are proudly displaying their support by ordering plates and placing them on their vehicles. The plates are showing up around the city and the state, and we are thrilled that this initiative is gaining momentum. Here’s what some are saying about why they ordered their new Protect Birds & Habitat license plate…

“I love my HAS license plate. People ask me about it all the time and it creates a great opportunity to talk about Houston’s important role in bird migration. In Houston it’s easy to become disconnected from nature and birding is something that anyone can do in any neighborhood to engage with the natural world.”

Catherine c.

“I want to celebrate the miracle of birds in Texas!”

Heather w.

“I really respect the message of Houston Audubon and wanted to show my support so that they can continue their mission. When you protect habitat for birds, you’re also protecting habitat for other wildlife and creating a healthier environment for all living things on this planet, humans included.”

kathy s.

“As an advocate for the birds, it was the perfect way to show my support for the great work Houston Audubon does.”

greg w.

“It’s so fun when you stop at a stoplight and see the car behind you looking at your license plate. Feels good to know you are doing your part in educating people to the importance of protecting birds and habitat.”

julie g.

“I decided to order a conservation license plate because it’s an easy way to spread an important message.”

joni s.

“I ordered the plate because I love Houston Audubon, and the license plate felt like an outward way to show support. People have complimented my plate, and I really feel like it is a reflection of who I am and what I value. I am not one to use bumper stickers or have a lot of outward displays on my car, but this just felt right to me and I love it!”

sarah f.

“I have always been a fan of specialty plates and sported several over the years to support a mission I believe in, add a subtle aesthetic to my car, or create a clever message with a few select characters. So when I saw the announcement of a Houston Audubon license plate and opportunity to cover all three bases I ordered one immediately! BRRRD ;)”

carl n.

“This license plate is a great way to advocate for birds and conservation.”

jim w.

“I love having a singing Eastern Meadowlark on my car, but the best part is the slogan that promotes avian habitat conservation to fellow motorists.”

don q.

Here are a few answers to questions asked about the new conservation license plate…

Q: Why was the Eastern Meadowlark selected to represent this new conservation license plate?

The Eastern Meadowlark, an iconic prairie species commonly found throughout Texas, was chosen by a committee of bird enthusiasts because this species needs conservation action and the habitat is one that Houston Audubon is deeply committed to restoring. We believe this bird and tagline, “Protect Birds and Habitat” will have broad appeal to many birding, nature, and conservation enthusiasts across the great state of Texas.

Q: Who took the photo of the Eastern Meadowlark?

The Eastern Meadowlark shown standing tall and belting out his melodious song was taken by Alan Murphy of Alan Murphy Photography during a sighting in Galveston, Texas.

Q: Who designed the new conservation license plate?

Don Quaintance, owner of Public Address Design, did the graphic design work for the new plate.

Q:  How do you order a plate?

Please click on the “Order Now” button below. It will direct you to the Protect Birds & Habitat conservation license plate at

We hope you will consider ordering this non-profit conservation license plate for your car. For each $30 plate fee collected, $22 comes directly to Houston Audubon. Funds raised from the sale and renewal of these plates will go to Houston Audubon’s bird conservation efforts and serve as a wonderful outreach and education tool to raise awareness about the importance of protecting birds and their habitat. 

The birds thank you all!

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